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Welcome to OUR  Web site!

Well just like other HOG groups, were a bunch of normal people (well mabe not) who get together every second Sunday of the month to go Ride there HD. Of course we a little stuff for rides, as there is only one road in and one road out, Hello my name is Craig  or Dobby and I am from Alice Springs....

Our club is small as is our Town. Population 25,000, however we have our own Harley Dealer, Desert Edge Motorcycles we like to meet and have fun. We have about 8 different locations we regulary ride to and we all try to attend at least one interstate rally per year. If you click on the map to the left, "where is" will load, this is a great utility for planning you next trip to the Alice

We are a small group and our member numbers fluctuate  between 30 members and 45 members. We have a core group of about 14 that regulary attend all of our events. So come along, join us for a ride or just a coffee.....

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