Standley Chasm De-Ja-Vous

Tales from the Dukside:
Standley Revisited. Sunday March 24.
Although this was the HOG Gazetted ride it made 4 in a row for some members and 3 for others who attended the Black Dog Ride. Yet 6 bikes showed up to ride under the long grey cloud that now covered the centre of Australia promising whatever rain Cyclone Trevor still has left in him.
Upon arrival at the servo it was noted that the mental memo went out to wear white long sleeve T shirts under black leather vests. Al, Sooz and Froggie were obviously on a different wavelength and didn’t get the message.
Marty led off preferring the old Dyna bullet over the CVO today. Malcolm Mac finally astride the big red Ultra after a year off since his operation, his recovery helped by being able to ride the Buell for the last couple of rides to gear him up for the big V. Chris on the other hand rides a green Wide Glide added a change of colour to the blacks and reds. Ok, other than Froggie’s silver and blue Ultra.
A beautiful tan horse would have looked a majestic sight running alongside Namitjira Road if it wasn’t bereft of life. Any more gas in him and he would explode right across the bitumen. Thankfully we came through about 1 day ahead of a stink zone and the pending rain tomorrow will have her pushing up the daisies in no time.
Froggie pondered the sighting of a dead echidna coming into the Chasm over a plate of Eggs Benedict. It was lying there sunny side up with a side of salmon and hollandaise sauce right in front of him. The Breakfast not the Echidna! Sooz hoed into a cuppa-tea while Al settled into a Scone the size of a paddy melon with jam and cream. Life-is-Good!
As the HOG manual says – Take the Long Way Home. So we did. A run through Honeymoon Gap takes the square edges off the tyres and adds a level of fun running the few twisties through the pass and rural blocks.
Mental Memo – Wear White             Memo? What Memo?

RIP Harley the RDA Horse

Harley 2007 – 22/03/2019

 Harley aged 8 Ready to Teach Riding Skills.

Sadly the most loved little horse at the Riding for the Disabled Association of Alice Springs has passed away after a battle with colic.

Harley was purchased in 2013 as a 6 year old by the Alice Springs Chapter of the Harley Owners Group in 2014 and quickly became the kid’s favourite horse to ride. He was no big horse but had a big cheeky heart. He was born in Gympie, Queensland. He will be missed by all the good folk a the RDA.

Remembering our involvement:-

Back in 2012 the Alice Springs HOG chapter received some correspondence that was discussed at our monthly meeting where the Alice Springs Riding for the Disabled (RDA) were seeking contributions in purchasing a horse for their program. Their old horse had passed away and the loss of that horse impacted their program for disabled kids to have the opportunity to ride a horse learn some basic horse riding skills and to participate in activities that other able bodied children take for granted. As it happened Alice Springs HOG had been discussing how we as a chapter could contribute to the local community in some way. And this request seemed to tick all the boxes for our members. It was local, it was an exceptionally worthy cause and as most of our members are parents and grandparents it struck a chord. So we got back in contact with them with a view to finding out what their dollar goal was. On finding out that it was around $3500 we decided that we would purchase the horse on their behalf as long as we had naming rights. Obviously Harley was our choice. They agreed and away we went. To help offset the costs of Harley the horse we did some fund raising events. The first was a show n shine which was a great kick off and we were able to purchase some additional rugs and bridles etc for Harley of course in traditional Harley Davidson colours of Black and Orange.

Indian in our Midst. Sunday March 10.

Tales from the Dukside:
Indian in our Midst. Sunday March 10.
Having put the Heritage back in the shop after the bend new rear tyre kept going flat every hour I was now astride the demo Road King Special with a 114 motor and Vance & Hines pipes tuned to a nice deep note. Unfortunately the factory FOB was playing up and thus the bike needed the pin code every time it was started. A real bastard when at Liberty Indervon the alarm was going off before you could punch in the 5 digits. So what seemed like n embarrassing 15 minutes but was more like 5 with all eyes on the clown on the new bike it finally started. Big Al reckons the signal on the servos security cameras can interfere with the FOB, truth or fiction – you be the judge.
On with the ride, some 10 bikes on todays rodeo, a good number. A fella called Cam made up the number on an Indian Chieftain proper flash and very comfortable on the highway I’m told. A first for me was the cruise control. Absolute magic to a ride, the only downer is the new suspension is set a bit ridged for me and the handle bars running straight across is fine for ex Fat Bob riders but I like mine slightly curved in. Hmmmm, maybe I can convince the minister for finance to upgrade…….. Anyway that bike will be back in Desert Edge tomorrow if you wanna check it out.
But that’s not what this ride is about, this ride is about the breakfast at Standley Chasm. Seriously the Eggs Benedict were excellent and mention you saw them advertise on FB and they give out a free Iced Coffee Frappe. Good stuff right there. If the word gets out they’re gonna need more tables I’ll give you the tip.
New 2019 Road King Special              The Indian in our Midst               “Let’s Ride”
Crackers                              Dobbie                              Puddles

Ross River

Tales from the Dukside
Drop out to Ross River.
Sunday Feb 10, 2019
It was a day for the newer members to shine with only Mal and the Duktape fronting for the old. That and that Erin’s bike wouldn’t be in it today. Deb Noll fronted but has once again succumbed to the Ross River Jinx and dropped her bike on her big toe when the kickstand did not fully deploy. Might have to call her Droppa!
Shui came right on the depart as I called “5 minutes”. What a top day out I thought as we rode out. Cool breeze, excellent. Laurie’s 1200 with short copper shots sounded sweat as piping down the road. Nothing slowing this ride but the Yearling Full of Beef on the single lane bitumen but a couple of squirts of the throttle sounded him into the scrub.
With just 10k’s to go while dodge, dip, diving and ducking the cow pats on the road I was shocked alive by the DRSB crew flying past at a speed that made the dollar 10 we were cruising look like a crawl and then a few ducked in close possibly trying to toss up some dung. They did however toss up a cloud of dust, oh no! Actually it was more the herd of cattle they ran into at speed scattering into the bush. Now is that cow dung or Bikie shit on the road?
Stepping off the bike at the Homestead I walked amongst the DRSB Boys and exclaimed “G’day Girls” “Nice Ride?”. To which Spud returned, “Look it’s the Hoggettes”. Friendly as we are in the NT.
With about 15 of them and 9 of us crowding the bar it took some time to get a feed out, yet it gave up plenty of time to talk about future rides. I tempted Shui to take his chocolate muffing and cup of tea outside and sit among the DRSB but he declined choosing to sit with Crackers and his Raisin Toast. Real Men!
Back on the steel euphoria for the ride home where nothing of interest happened, just the endless spectacular scenery of the Centre…….

Standley Chasm – 1st Ride of the Year

Tales from the Dukside – A Chasm is a Break
And that’s exactly what was needed after the Feastivities have died down and the mercury bouncing over 40 degrees every day. This Duk hasn’t been for a proper ride since Broken Hill in September and the bike did raise its concerns by blaring its siren at the FOB that did not work. Quickly grabbing my spare start the bike and ……… the siren screamed “change your fnkn batteries” which I did. Good call, still made it to the servo 15 before take off.
Some 9 bikes and 10 Hoggies rolled up all with the same notion in mind. Make the most of a sunny day and bake some bitumen onto the tyres. This I needed coz my rear was bare as a badgers boil but just enough tread to be legal.
The ride out was as usual with no great tale to tell but for those who haven’t gone for a while Standley Chasm Kiosk now do full breakfasts including Eggs Benedict (bloody nice), big brekkie, B&E on Toast, even scrambled. Just saying – makes it worth a ride or a drive – Do try it!

A Light Delight Ride

Christmas Light Ride:-

With a small number of the Chapter still in Alice to contend with an expected Christmas hot enough to melt the wax outta old Santa’s ears it turned into a fun night starting at the Golf Club for Sunday Dinner while we waited for Sundark O’clock. The ABC was keen to take a bit of footage thus Dobbie and I attended to the interview which may or may not air depending on the questions asked. “Where are all the light displays Dobbie?”, “Light shines out of his arrrrskeme nicely and I’ll show you”…………..

Once the light faded ’twas a jolly bunch of riders with Duktape to the front and Dobbie taking up the rear. Oh! no wait, Erin took the rear on account of not being interested in sharp turns around the Cul-de-Sac’s. The ABC followed to take advantage of our local knowledge of where the lights were at (that’s Centralian for “Lets Wing It” as no one did a pre-run) and Russ n Michelle’s family followed in a Tinsel Jeep Wrangle permitted to join only because they carried an esky with correct weight in beverages. Rolf and Di also drove on account of sending their bike on to a their new home in Chihuahua (or is it Chinchilla?). Wayback Harry’s bling bike was unrivalled tonight with lights flashing brighter than the red light district of Amsterdam.

Highlight displays were in Kempeana Crescent – make a note for next year, the Corner of Larapinta and Bradshaw and in Ridges Estate Albrecht Drive.  Word was placed in the ear that at the end of Albrecht Drive a young family with a modest display had a brood of young kids keen to see the Harley’s so we dropped in to give the kiddies a treat. White toothy smiles split the moonlight like the Chestershire Cat as they took turns at sitting on bikes althewhile riders panicked about bare leglets on hot chrome pipe as we were not prepared to hear “Auld Lang Syne” in screaming symphony at this hour.

Christmas Light Ride

Christmas Light Ride Sunday 23rd December 2018
Meet at the Alice Springs Golf Club 6:30pm
Reserved table for 12 to 20 members so no dramas.
Ride starts at Sundark time.

RDA Shed Opening

Riding for the Disabled helps people with all kinds of disabilities from Down Syndrome to Post Traumatic Shock and every thing else. For years kids have had to ride in the blazing saddles under a 40degree sun. Not anymore, local support and donations have helped the Central Australian RDA centre become the envy of Australia with this magnificent undercover riding facility.

Our sponsored horse “Harley” is a favourite amongst the kids, he has personality and likes to play and seems to like his work. A handful of members attended the opening ceremony and stayed for cake and nibbles. Ulysses Club also sponsor a horse bearing it’s name thus it is excellent to see the Motorcycle Clubs of Alice Springs getting behind this worthwhile local cause.

Steel Horses



Harley, Zeus and Ulysses

“Harley” Sponsored by HOG Alice Springs Chapter


Zeus watches the Cutting

A Big New Shed

2018 Toy Run Hot

This years Toy Run gathered at the new starting point at the Alice Springs Golf Club. So many bikes of all shapes and sizes showed off their Christmas Bling as they led Big Al Santa astride a Honda Goldwing ridden by our oldest member Neverready. Thanks for the loan Kerry Noll it made for a comfortable posterior posie for the big fella in the 40 odd degree heat. T’was lucky I had studied the route as it was thrown on me last minute to lead the parade. The trip was cut in half this year expecting the full fury of the sun to be upon us but it was actually reasonably pleasant with the wind providing relief. The townsfolk were also cheery today  as the entourage progressed through Hartley Street and Gregory Terrace then bacdk to the Golf Club for a refreshment.

A big Thanks for Coming to the Motorcycling Community of Alice Springs.

The Purple Santa Mobile

I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours

Tired little Elves

2018 Toy Run Route Announced

The Alice Springs Motorcycle Toy Run Route has a slight change from all other years.

Saturday 8th December Depart Golf Club 10am the ride takes this order.

Cromwell Dr -> Leichhardt Tce -> Stott Tce -> Sadadeen Rd -> Spearwood Rd -> Undoolya Rd -> Kurrajong Dr -> Undoolya Rd -> Sturt Tce -> Schwarz Cres -> Stuart Hwy -> Wills Tce -> Hartley St -> Gregory Tce -> Todd St -> Gap Rd -> Tom Brown Roundabout -> South Tce -> Stephens Rd -> Barrett Dr -> Cromwell Dr -> Golf Club