Elly’s Ride for Cancer

Elly’s Ride for Cancer:- 29th July 2018
Long time HOG Member and Committee Member before submitting to cancer herself Elly Derksen was very passionate about getting Cancer Fighters and Survivors to enjoy her favourite past time – riding on Harley Davidsons.

Annual Event – Ride to Standley Chasm. Open to All Riders on any Roadworthy and Registered Motorcycle.

If you have a space on the back of your bike please let us know through the Alice Springs HOG Facebook page. Bring a spare helmet.

Gather at Liberty Service Station at 10am – we encourage a Silly in Pink dress code.

Queensland Bound

When all is done and dusted, the can, maybe, woulda, shoulda all come out in the wash and we are left with the Hoggie faithful that definitely will be attending.

This is a big event for Alice, Darwin and Mt Isa Chapters as we annually hold our Tri-chapter Challenge on the first weekend in May. Thus it will be run in conjunction with the Queensland State Rally in Townsville. For all those coming, thanks for coming and making up numbers to gain the Tri-Trophy. And for thus unable to come – sucks to be you.

3 Groups will be leaving Alice Springs and you are welcome to join them for part of the way and come home crying that you shoulda, woulda, coulda………


Group 1:     Marty & Jigga departing from Liberty at Possibly 8am on Thursday 26th April. Contact Marty for details. 0417 897 108

Group2:     Duktape, Froggie and Crackers departing from Liberty at 8am on Saturday 28th April. Contact the Duk for details. 0499 870 529

Group 3:     Big Kev & Sharon, Russell & Michelle, Peter & Jeanette, Dobbie & Erin and possible solo’s departing from Liberty at Possibly 8am on Monday 30th April. Contact Big Kev for details. 0413 354 919

Safe Travels to All.

Standley Chasm Ride

Standley Chasm Ride          11th March, 2018
With just a handfull of happy chappies making it out for the absolutely fabulous weather, Neverready, Kerry, Ron, Kingsley, Crackers, Batic and me set off at 9am sharp. Sky – Overcast, Temp at 26degr. all bikes start “First TIme”! Big Al fronted up but had to pick up the missus so missed the rest of the ride.
A decent desert down pour on Thursday followed by light drizzle all day Friday then cool and overcast Saturday makes riding this country brilliant. Steady at 110 was not hard going and it was incident free. Mr Harmer fresh off the South Pacific pulled into the Chasm Carpark just after our arrival in time to give us the lowdown on the Cruise (no – not the one with the riotus batchelor party).
Over a hot coffee and scones etc we sat and watched a couple of Crows fly in to the buffet area to steal the coffee and Sugar satchets.
The day was too good to waste so I figured I’d head to the Ellery Big Hole lookout so as to hunt for my camera which I’d manage to loose out of my pocket on the Tylers Pass loop 4 weeks ago. I saw a bit of odd blue in the mirror on the ride but didn’t realize it was my camera til later. The search was futile as the long grass would have swollowed it whole but the ride was terrific.

Tyler’s Pass Ride – 28th January 2018

The first official ride will be to Tyler’s Pass on Sunday 4th February leaving at 8:30am Sharp.

Originally scheduled for Sunday 28th January but moved on account of extreme heat (anticipating 41 degr out there).

This ride will be 385k’s round trip from Liberty Servo to Hermannsburg for Coffee and Scones then on through the glorious twisting Tyler’s Pass and lunch at Glen Helen. Allow most of the day for this most excellent ride.

New Year – 1st Ride 2018

Happy New Year Riders.
Tuesday Ride – anyone not working Tuesday 2nd January 2018 Marty Neverready is going to Ross River for a spin.
Depart from Liberty Servo at 8:30am. It will be only 34 degr. so a pleasant day out.

Christmas Light Ride

Tales from the Dukside:
Christmas Lights Ride.
Did I say the Dice Run was the last ride? But wait there’s more, a tour of all the pretty Lights was to come the very same evening. Although a different cast of members turned up at the Todd Tavern for a Christmas Dinner like all others to be had at the pub. Nonetheless it was nice and good company maketh the night. So we assembled behind tour guide Marty who hopefully found all the good spots. Russ was allowed to ride his new/2nd hand Road King which now actually belongs to Michelle. A friend called Moana before the movie stole it, came to ride bitch for Marty. Rolf gave up Glampervaning to take Di on the ride, Crackers and Jigga rode themselves. For a once a year treat, Jackie decided to come on the back with me (Ok, twice this year coz or NT Rally was the best event ever). That just leave Big Al and Susan plus other Martin brought his young’un for a loook.
There were some very nice displays out this year but a bit sparse so you do have to pay attention. One of the first houses on “The Links” had a giant see saw set up and some nice sights down Eagle Court. For a real treat it’s up Werlatye Court, Mount Johns (have an other go – Wirl-at-ye) bloody engerish langridge! Of coarse this ride would not rate if we didn’t go past our Directors house and Rev him Up for not showing up. Woosy boy, just coz the mercury didn’t dip below 38 degress celcius even at 9pm.
Old mate on the corner of Larapinta and Bradshaw Drives put on his usual good show but to be sure, one of the best displays was up the end of Albrecht Drive, the roof, the walls, the garage and the garden are all on display. This guy will go nuts if he gets it all tangled up taking it down. Awesome Effort.