Tyler’s Pass Ride – 28th January 2018

The first official ride will be to Tyler’s Pass on Sunday 4th February leaving at 8:30am Sharp.

Originally scheduled for Sunday 28th January but moved on account of extreme heat (anticipating 41 degr out there).

This ride will be 385k’s round trip from Liberty Servo to Hermannsburg for Coffee and Scones then on through the glorious twisting Tyler’s Pass and lunch at Glen Helen. Allow most of the day for this most excellent ride.

New Year – 1st Ride 2018

Happy New Year Riders.
Tuesday Ride – anyone not working Tuesday 2nd January 2018 Marty Neverready is going to Ross River for a spin.
Depart from Liberty Servo at 8:30am. It will be only 34 degr. so a pleasant day out.

Christmas Light Ride

Tales from the Dukside:
Christmas Lights Ride.
Did I say the Dice Run was the last ride? But wait there’s more, a tour of all the pretty Lights was to come the very same evening. Although a different cast of members turned up at the Todd Tavern for a Christmas Dinner like all others to be had at the pub. Nonetheless it was nice and good company maketh the night. So we assembled behind tour guide Marty who hopefully found all the good spots. Russ was allowed to ride his new/2nd hand Road King which now actually belongs to Michelle. A friend called Moana before the movie stole it, came to ride bitch for Marty. Rolf gave up Glampervaning to take Di on the ride, Crackers and Jigga rode themselves. For a once a year treat, Jackie decided to come on the back with me (Ok, twice this year coz or NT Rally was the best event ever). That just leave Big Al and Susan plus other Martin brought his young’un for a loook.
There were some very nice displays out this year but a bit sparse so you do have to pay attention. One of the first houses on “The Links” had a giant see saw set up and some nice sights down Eagle Court. For a real treat it’s up Werlatye Court, Mount Johns (have an other go – Wirl-at-ye) bloody engerish langridge! Of coarse this ride would not rate if we didn’t go past our Directors house and Rev him Up for not showing up. Woosy boy, just coz the mercury didn’t dip below 38 degress celcius even at 9pm.
Old mate on the corner of Larapinta and Bradshaw Drives put on his usual good show but to be sure, one of the best displays was up the end of Albrecht Drive, the roof, the walls, the garage and the garden are all on display. This guy will go nuts if he gets it all tangled up taking it down. Awesome Effort. 

Last Ride of 2017 – Dice Run

Tales from the Dukside:
Sunday 17th Dec – Last Ride of 2017.
With Marty taking his role as Activities Officer very seriously the call was put out for a Dice Run close to town for the last spin of the year.
Me, I turned up half hour late due to a bit of an evening the night before and enjoying a sleep in. The trick now was to determine the first stop on a 4 stop ride. The attendant at the servo said “There were about 6 Harleys left half an hour ago”, “They were the usual ones that come here on Sundays”. “They went North” he summarised. First roll at the start, the second at the Tropic of Capricorn so the’d likely be on the way back. North it is! Once in the hills to the north of Alice a Road Train slowed proceedings to 80clicks and not 5 minutes ticked when 7 bikes thundered past in the opposite direction. Kingsley up the rear was a dead give away and I made a u’ey then settled in passing the tailender. Apparently Kingsley likes to take up the rear (by his own admission) and likes to toddle in behind to take in the scenery. “Not ready to get in amongst the crowd yet” proclaimed the newcomer.
Atop Anzac Hill pleasantries were soon dispensed with as the need to take up 2 rolls of the dice put me up for a toss. Big Kev held back on the dice and announced that late comers would need to pay double to enter thus a nice new plastic Orange bill had to leave my pocket. It’s only money. $20 bucks, “no matter” I said. I’ll be taking the pot home today. Alas Kev obviously rigged my first throw which netted a couple of 3’s and a 4. Next roll wasn’t much better. Kingsley was maintaining the lead.
A breather and a cool drink at BP then on to Simpsons Gap. Crackers parked a mile away from everyone so as not to have any bad luck rub off from us losers. Kev hurled long and reaped a small come-back. George and new bloke Martin did ok on this round as did Young Steven. Hereafter a short meander at somewhat near the upper crust of the speed limit through Honeymoon Gap and the rural blocks of Ilparpa (pronounced ill-parpa, seriously we fucked up the English language using letters that do not match the pronunciation. Of course we would do it again when we showed our Indiginous brothers how to write their language). Any hoo, on to the Double Tree by Hilton for a posh toss in the foyer. One of the attendants frowned a bit but the young lassie had a smile ear to ear as 8 leather clad bikers rolled for thier dignity money. Kev’s lad Tom came along hoping to pip the punters out of thier hard earned cash too.
Smacking down a big breaky at the hotel Kev anounced that the leader up until the last round was still Kingsley. But tossing up a couple of ones and threes put his aspirations back in his dream catcher. On the other hand Crackers bounced out as big a number as could be to take the kitty.

2017 Alice Springs HOG Christmas Toy Run

2017 Christmas Toy Run

And so ’twas that Santa rallied bikers far and wide
To take to the streets of Alice and ride.
Some 68 bikes answered the call with passengers on back or toys of all sorts.
These riders that came are all real good sports.
Some money changed hands, a score not yet told
But the Salvos were grateful, ’tis help for the poor.
Christmas cheer rode in two file to boot
With waves from the townsfolk for bikes that did toot.
The elven trike rumbled through Todd River with Santa on back
Moses controlled it the pace Marty set.
Undoolya, Kurrajong then Spearwood to town.
Down South Terrace then Gap Rd where folks did turn round.
To see all these bikes, tremendous I’m sure
Harley’s, Triumphs, Honda’s and more.
Suzuki’s, Spyders and a cross over bike
That steered like a car but sounds like a trike.
As more bikes passed by the folks give a wave,
Christmas is coming with no time to save.
Round Tom Brown Roundabout most cars let us through
We keep it together down Bradshaw but did pass a few.
Larapinta to Lovegrove and Smith Street did fare,
And waved to the workers with no time to spare.
Brown Street on Woods with speed bumps to slow,
or knock some nuts up the tree for a row.
Did you see all the faces of kids filled with glee
as the Dog Rider passed by ’em with a wave just for free.
Up Head Street round Dixon with families abound
Keep tootin’ keep hootin’ we’ll see who’s got sound.
Stuart Highway’s the right way to head back to start
But first Will’s Terrace then Bath Street to part.
The crowds ventured out to see such a fuss
Made by bikes crowding roadways you couldn’t fit a bus.
Now Gregory onto Hartley and saw people everywhere
and so many looked twice and most just to stare.
What crazy notion lets machines such as these
Block up the traffic, congest half the streets if you please.
‘Tis Christmas, it’s coming, we’re here to remind you
There’s poor folk out there can’t afford what you do.
Need presents for thier kids so they too can share
The joy that is Chrismas, give gifts, Give a care.

Duktape, HOG Editor, Webmaster and Assistant Director of Alice Springs HOG and the Chapter thanks all participants for making this an Event.
Nice pics courtesy of Erin.

Ride Report – Glen Helen 26th Nov 2017

Tales from the Dukside
Glen Helen 26th November 2017
And thus the last ride before Christmas is taken by 8 happless riders with 3 of our lovely lassess on board. Now I was sure we had it down as a 9am depart but with Mouthguard throwing in some confusion with messaging Standley Chasm it is no surprise information was a bit murky.
I pulled up at the bowser to tank up at 8:37am with a nice group already ammassed, they had already started putting helments on heads. No mind, I’ll catch up………. 2nd set of traffic lights, there they were and the luck of the lights were with me to put me behind Young Will (who was obviously not coming all the way as displayed by the double plugger Sunday best Thongs on his feet. Another bloke pulled up with him at Flynns Grave and I prepared to climb up the rank & file. Having taken on the Editors cap Duktales is now official (I WILL NOT BE SILENCED …..Hehehe). So the camera cord loop slipped easily over my fingerless gloves and we were ready for action. “Click” Big Kev was first as I pulled up alongside, Sharon smiled (I think) under her helmet and the Street Glide looked sweet as.
Overtaking them one at a time we had Rolf, Peter & Jeanette, Crackers, A-a-Ron with Ann and Marty. But by the time we got up the Ellery Look-out the stranger who pulled up earlier had caught up. It was Hagar, see I was right. A stranger it was as Hagar hasn’t been allowed out while Helga’s Kitchen overhaul was in progress. On to Glen Helen under a blanket of grey cloud the land gave up a fantastic contrast. There was still plenty heat on the road but the relief from the hot sun was welcome. Once at Glen Helen the inferred correct departure time for this ride played it’s hand – The Kitchen does not start Cooking for Lunch until 11o’clock and since we arrived at 10:30 a beer and packet of chips would have to surfice. GH has is looking good with it’s permanent Tents for camping and now building an amenities block to attract grey nomads and thier caravans. With pretty much the only river to hold water all year the escarpment dropping into the water is only masked by the reeds. Ducks abound, top spot for lunch.
As we all preped for the ride home I duely noted Rolf taking a short detour around the vacant land between the heli-pad and the tents. Obviously looking for a spot to park his new Glampervan to break up the monotany of Ross River. So check it out as the photos show, we got dumped on as we left Glen Helen but the temperature dropped enough for it to feel great. Marty tried to pull up for a break at Hugh River but A-a-Ron was having none of it. Kev too broke off after him so I hammered down as well. Soon all and sundry were hoiyking it down the road at a decent pace in order to dry off (no more rain here but it looked like Alice was copping it hard.
Next ride – Toy Run.
Regards Duktape.

New Committee Elected for 2017-2018

The results are in and this is our newly elected Committee:-

Director: Kevin “Big Kev” Everett

Assistant-Director: Richard “Duktape” Blom

Treasure: Michelle Mitchell

Secretary: Geoff “Crackers” Murphy

Head Road Captian: Martin “Neverready” Derksen

Safety Officer: Jarrad “Jigga” Torres

Ladies of Harley: Sharon Everett

Webmaster/Editor:  Richard “Duktape” Blom

Activities Officer: Martin “Neverready” Derksen

Road Captains:
John “Mouthguard” Dawkins
Dennis “Hagar” Bielby
Richard “Duktape” Blom
Craig “Dobby” Cassidy


Band of Brothers Tour – Day 20 & 21

Band of Brothers Tour – Day 20 & 21

Written by Kevin Everett · 2 November at 16:47 · Marla ·

So…last night of the trip….we busted out 790 kays today… 35 c in the afternoon… both myself ( Big Kev) and Mouthgaurd decided that Marla looks good for a rest up… we could nt do another 2 metres today… however super couple Ted and Marty have pushed on further.. with Ted hopin to be homnight..all our minds are on getting home for a well earned rest…were at about 7800 kays so far with 450 left to go..
The trip has been a hoot and great experience for all of us…much of the funny shit that happened has to stay on the trip of course.. a little sadnes creeps in as its almost over…….cant wait for the next one…Big Kev signing out…….
BAND OF bros trip 2017……….legendary  😎 😎 😎 😎


Band of Brothers Tour – Day 21


Written by Kevin Everett · 3 November at 14:02 ·

okwki dowki.. 7,200 kilometres, done and dusted, now a couple of days rest before work on Monday…trip was a hoot, would recommend to anybody in the club, get a couple of mates and ride….

Editor: sorry no pictures for a few of these days of Mischief & Mayhem. What happens on this road trip stays with the lovers of the open road.