General Enquiries

For general enquiries, please contact us via our webmasters’ email address

Or message us on our Facebook page

Committee Members

Director: Craig (Dobbie) Cassidy

Assistant-Director: Richard “Duktape” Blom

Treasure: Michelle Mitchell

Secretary: Geoff “Crackers” Murphy

Head Road Captian: Martin “Neverready” Derksen

Safety Officer: Kevin “Big Kev” Everett

Ladies of Harley: Sharon Everett & Erin Cassidy

Webmaster/Editor:  Richard “Duktape” Blom

Activities Officer: John “Mouthguard” Dawkins &  Geoff “Crackers” Murphy

Road Captains:

Dennis “Hagar” Bielby;  Richard “Duktape” Blom;  Craig “Dobby” Cassidy;  John “Mouthguard” Dawkins;  Kevin “Big Kev” Everett, Greg “Froggie” Oberg


Sponsoring Dealership:

A core requirement of running a local Harley Owners Group, is the sponsorship of an official Harley Davidson dealership. For us here at the #9268 Alice Springs HOG, that dealership is Desert Edge Motorcycles. If you need anything Harley, or just generally motorbike related in the Alice Springs area, make sure you get down to see Vroomy and the amazing team at Desert Edge.