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Duktapes’ Duktales appear on Facebook as he partners with various characters of the Alice Springs Chapter and other Riders that turn any ride into adventurous tales.
“Don’t let the Truth get in the Way of a Good Story”.

Standley Chasm De-Ja-Vous

Tales from the Dukside: Standley Revisited. Sunday March 24.   Although this was the HOG Gazetted ride it made 4 in a row for some members and 3 for others who attended the Black Dog Ride. Yet 6 bikes showed up to ride under the long grey cloud that now covered the centre of Australia […]

Indian in our Midst. Sunday March 10.

Tales from the Dukside: Indian in our Midst. Sunday March 10.   Having put the Heritage back in the shop after the bend new rear tyre kept going flat every hour I was now astride the demo Road King Special with a 114 motor and Vance & Hines pipes tuned to a nice deep note. […]

Ross River

Tales from the Dukside Drop out to Ross River. Sunday Feb 10, 2019   It was a day for the newer members to shine with only Mal and the Duktape fronting for the old. That and that Erin’s bike wouldn’t be in it today. Deb Noll fronted but has once again succumbed to the Ross […]

Standley Chasm – 1st Ride of the Year

Tales from the Dukside – A Chasm is a Break   And that’s exactly what was needed after the Feastivities have died down and the mercury bouncing over 40 degrees every day. This Duk hasn’t been for a proper ride since Broken Hill in September and the bike did raise its concerns by blaring its […]

A Light Delight Ride

Christmas Light Ride:- With a small number of the Chapter still in Alice to contend with an expected Christmas hot enough to melt the wax outta old Santa’s ears it turned into a fun night starting at the Golf Club for Sunday Dinner while we waited for Sundark O’clock. The ABC was keen to take […]

The Tilmouth Tango

Tales from the Dukside:- The Tilmouth Tango.   Tilmouth Roadhouse is just a short 188k ride on the Tanami Hwy and doesn’t usually attract many riders to come out. Thus was the case when Crackers lobbed at Liberty Servo and sat with nobody on the curb waiting for the multitude that is I to turn […]

FOBbed Off

Tales from the Dukside:- FOBbed Off:   Big Kev put out a call for an unscheduled ride gratefully received by many but today was that day when keen as you are and ready sat down on the Heritage seat I turned the ignition on and Beep Beep Beep goes the alarm. Flat battery in the […]

Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 16

Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 16 Ice Cold Crackers !                                Sunday 13th May, 2018 Civi’s Big Breakfast at Wauchope is not for the small gutted, this one might require Jigga or Big Joe to crack the code. 6 eggs, 4 full rashers of bacon, 5 sausages, thick toast, mushrooms, hash brown, tomato and […]

Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 15

Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 15 Winters coming !                                   Saturday 12th May, 2018 Yesterday’s ride was rather fresh however the forecast for this morning was 3 degrees. Russell Holdsworth of Mt Isa Chapter messaged me during the evening to invite me to ride with him at 6am as he was headed for […]