Standley Chasm De-Ja-Vous

Tales from the Dukside:
Standley Revisited. Sunday March 24.
Although this was the HOG Gazetted ride it made 4 in a row for some members and 3 for others who attended the Black Dog Ride. Yet 6 bikes showed up to ride under the long grey cloud that now covered the centre of Australia promising whatever rain Cyclone Trevor still has left in him.
Upon arrival at the servo it was noted that the mental memo went out to wear white long sleeve T shirts under black leather vests. Al, Sooz and Froggie were obviously on a different wavelength and didn’t get the message.
Marty led off preferring the old Dyna bullet over the CVO today. Malcolm Mac finally astride the big red Ultra after a year off since his operation, his recovery helped by being able to ride the Buell for the last couple of rides to gear him up for the big V. Chris on the other hand rides a green Wide Glide added a change of colour to the blacks and reds. Ok, other than Froggie’s silver and blue Ultra.
A beautiful tan horse would have looked a majestic sight running alongside Namitjira Road if it wasn’t bereft of life. Any more gas in him and he would explode right across the bitumen. Thankfully we came through about 1 day ahead of a stink zone and the pending rain tomorrow will have her pushing up the daisies in no time.
Froggie pondered the sighting of a dead echidna coming into the Chasm over a plate of Eggs Benedict. It was lying there sunny side up with a side of salmon and hollandaise sauce right in front of him. The Breakfast not the Echidna! Sooz hoed into a cuppa-tea while Al settled into a Scone the size of a paddy melon with jam and cream. Life-is-Good!
As the HOG manual says – Take the Long Way Home. So we did. A run through Honeymoon Gap takes the square edges off the tyres and adds a level of fun running the few twisties through the pass and rural blocks.
Mental Memo – Wear White             Memo? What Memo?

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