Indian in our Midst. Sunday March 10.

Tales from the Dukside:
Indian in our Midst. Sunday March 10.
Having put the Heritage back in the shop after the bend new rear tyre kept going flat every hour I was now astride the demo Road King Special with a 114 motor and Vance & Hines pipes tuned to a nice deep note. Unfortunately the factory FOB was playing up and thus the bike needed the pin code every time it was started. A real bastard when at Liberty Indervon the alarm was going off before you could punch in the 5 digits. So what seemed like n embarrassing 15 minutes but was more like 5 with all eyes on the clown on the new bike it finally started. Big Al reckons the signal on the servos security cameras can interfere with the FOB, truth or fiction – you be the judge.
On with the ride, some 10 bikes on todays rodeo, a good number. A fella called Cam made up the number on an Indian Chieftain proper flash and very comfortable on the highway I’m told. A first for me was the cruise control. Absolute magic to a ride, the only downer is the new suspension is set a bit ridged for me and the handle bars running straight across is fine for ex Fat Bob riders but I like mine slightly curved in. Hmmmm, maybe I can convince the minister for finance to upgrade…….. Anyway that bike will be back in Desert Edge tomorrow if you wanna check it out.
But that’s not what this ride is about, this ride is about the breakfast at Standley Chasm. Seriously the Eggs Benedict were excellent and mention you saw them advertise on FB and they give out a free Iced Coffee Frappe. Good stuff right there. If the word gets out they’re gonna need more tables I’ll give you the tip.
New 2019 Road King Special              The Indian in our Midst               “Let’s Ride”
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