Ross River

Tales from the Dukside
Drop out to Ross River.
Sunday Feb 10, 2019
It was a day for the newer members to shine with only Mal and the Duktape fronting for the old. That and that Erin’s bike wouldn’t be in it today. Deb Noll fronted but has once again succumbed to the Ross River Jinx and dropped her bike on her big toe when the kickstand did not fully deploy. Might have to call her Droppa!
Shui came right on the depart as I called “5 minutes”. What a top day out I thought as we rode out. Cool breeze, excellent. Laurie’s 1200 with short copper shots sounded sweat as piping down the road. Nothing slowing this ride but the Yearling Full of Beef on the single lane bitumen but a couple of squirts of the throttle sounded him into the scrub.
With just 10k’s to go while dodge, dip, diving and ducking the cow pats on the road I was shocked alive by the DRSB crew flying past at a speed that made the dollar 10 we were cruising look like a crawl and then a few ducked in close possibly trying to toss up some dung. They did however toss up a cloud of dust, oh no! Actually it was more the herd of cattle they ran into at speed scattering into the bush. Now is that cow dung or Bikie shit on the road?
Stepping off the bike at the Homestead I walked amongst the DRSB Boys and exclaimed “G’day Girls” “Nice Ride?”. To which Spud returned, “Look it’s the Hoggettes”. Friendly as we are in the NT.
With about 15 of them and 9 of us crowding the bar it took some time to get a feed out, yet it gave up plenty of time to talk about future rides. I tempted Shui to take his chocolate muffing and cup of tea outside and sit among the DRSB but he declined choosing to sit with Crackers and his Raisin Toast. Real Men!
Back on the steel euphoria for the ride home where nothing of interest happened, just the endless spectacular scenery of the Centre…….

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