Standley Chasm – 1st Ride of the Year

Tales from the Dukside – A Chasm is a Break
And that’s exactly what was needed after the Feastivities have died down and the mercury bouncing over 40 degrees every day. This Duk hasn’t been for a proper ride since Broken Hill in September and the bike did raise its concerns by blaring its siren at the FOB that did not work. Quickly grabbing my spare start the bike and ……… the siren screamed “change your fnkn batteries” which I did. Good call, still made it to the servo 15 before take off.
Some 9 bikes and 10 Hoggies rolled up all with the same notion in mind. Make the most of a sunny day and bake some bitumen onto the tyres. This I needed coz my rear was bare as a badgers boil but just enough tread to be legal.
The ride out was as usual with no great tale to tell but for those who haven’t gone for a while Standley Chasm Kiosk now do full breakfasts including Eggs Benedict (bloody nice), big brekkie, B&E on Toast, even scrambled. Just saying – makes it worth a ride or a drive – Do try it!

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