A Light Delight Ride

Christmas Light Ride:-

With a small number of the Chapter still in Alice to contend with an expected Christmas hot enough to melt the wax outta old Santa’s ears it turned into a fun night starting at the Golf Club for Sunday Dinner while we waited for Sundark O’clock. The ABC was keen to take a bit of footage thus Dobbie and I attended to the interview which may or may not air depending on the questions asked. “Where are all the light displays Dobbie?”, “Light shines out of his arrrrskeme nicely and I’ll show you”…………..

Once the light faded ’twas a jolly bunch of riders with Duktape to the front and Dobbie taking up the rear. Oh! no wait, Erin took the rear on account of not being interested in sharp turns around the Cul-de-Sac’s. The ABC followed to take advantage of our local knowledge of where the lights were at (that’s Centralian for “Lets Wing It” as no one did a pre-run) and Russ n Michelle’s family followed in a Tinsel Jeep Wrangle permitted to join only because they carried an esky with correct weight in beverages. Rolf and Di also drove on account of sending their bike on to a their new home in Chihuahua (or is it Chinchilla?). Wayback Harry’s bling bike was unrivalled tonight with lights flashing brighter than the red light district of Amsterdam.

Highlight displays were in Kempeana Crescent – make a note for next year, the Corner of Larapinta and Bradshaw and in Ridges Estate Albrecht Drive.  Word was placed in the ear that at the end of Albrecht Drive a young family with a modest display had a brood of young kids keen to see the Harley’s so we dropped in to give the kiddies a treat. White toothy smiles split the moonlight like the Chestershire Cat as they took turns at sitting on bikes althewhile riders panicked about bare leglets on hot chrome pipe as we were not prepared to hear “Auld Lang Syne” in screaming symphony at this hour.

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