2018 Toy Run Hot

This years Toy Run gathered at the new starting point at the Alice Springs Golf Club. So many bikes of all shapes and sizes showed off their Christmas Bling as they led Big Al Santa astride a Honda Goldwing ridden by our oldest member Neverready. Thanks for the loan Kerry Noll it made for a comfortable posterior posie for the big fella in the 40 odd degree heat. T’was lucky I had studied the route as it was thrown on me last minute to lead the parade. The trip was cut in half this year expecting the full fury of the sun to be upon us but it was actually reasonably pleasant with the wind providing relief. The townsfolk were also cheery today¬† as the entourage progressed through Hartley Street and Gregory Terrace then bacdk to the Golf Club for a refreshment.

A big Thanks for Coming to the Motorcycling Community of Alice Springs.

The Purple Santa Mobile

I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours

Tired little Elves

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