FOBbed Off

Tales from the Dukside:-
FOBbed Off:
Big Kev put out a call for an unscheduled ride gratefully received by many but today was that day when keen as you are and ready sat down on the Heritage seat I turned the ignition on and Beep Beep Beep goes the alarm. Flat battery in the FOB. Go to the cloak room for the other FOB, Beep Beep Beep! @#%$ @#%$ @#%$…… Right, I had a battery for the Townsville Rally. Nope, can’t locate it. Ahh, battery kit in the car for work. Nope AA’s and AAA’s only. Text Kev and Marty, I may not make it – Marty offers his Road King, tempted but figured I’d go to the servo for a battery. Woke the missus who say’s she may have on. Good To Go.
At Liberty was Mouthguard, Kev, Russ, Michelle plus friend and Rolf who said he had bike problems too, hmm might be the FOB. Yep, so he goes to Supercheap to get a battery. Erin came in the car ignoring the opportunity to go ride while Dobbie is out of town. Anyone else?? Marty Neverready is late but we all left together. A perfect day for a ride (as is everyday) and it was nice to see Michelle atop her own wheels, she’d “borrowed” Dave Batic’s bike for Elly’s Ride last weekend and liked it so asked for another. A nibble HD 1200 she felt comfortable riding as the Road King she’d bought for Townsville was too heavy for her.
Kev and Mouthguard were in a hurry to get a feed so took off from 8HA, the rest of us sat below 120 clicks for a cruise. Upon destination Mouthguard’s left spotlight had come adrift (not the first time it’s don this) and at breakfast he says “hey Duktape? Got some Duct Tape?”. As if he needed to ask. Does dog shit stink?? I’ll give him the tip, he wrapped that light like he was gonna do 100 miles per hour home. On ya Mate!.
Ol Mate was a bit pissed off at breakfast though, see Mouthguard likes to get there first so he can order first. Nothing gets him riled up like getting his meal last, “I ordered breakfast and got lunch” he goes. You happy now Sharon? Off-Road? (The two candidates most likely to not get their meals at all when there’s a crowd.
Marty was a bit keen today so went on the Erldunda, Kev and Mouthguard blasted home with Rolf in tow. Upgrade was in a hurry coz Di’s arriving at the airport at 1pm. Michelle put on a good pace at 125kph but couldn’t catch the boys and Russ and I stayed with her.
Looking forward to another ride next weekend.
Regards Duktape.

Hey Duktape, how do you unroll the Ducking Duct-tape?

S’ok, Russ knows how

It’s all in the application

And nothing to do with the look

Michelle showing off Will’s 1200 “I’m not giving it a beating – honest!”

The Major Mitchell Pose

Marty’s CVO Road King

Kev’s Street Glide

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