Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 16

Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 16

Ice Cold Crackers !                                Sunday 13th May, 2018

Civi’s Big Breakfast at Wauchope is not for the small gutted, this one might require Jigga or Big Joe to crack the code. 6 eggs, 4 full rashers of bacon, 5 sausages, thick toast, mushrooms, hash brown, tomato and a 200gram scotch fillet steak. I got full just reading it and settled for a raisin toast and Crackers the Standard bacon & eggs.

Full tank of Gas, Full belly of Food, Luggage Loaded, Dressed for the Cold (well, except for Crackers) time to lay down the few hundred miles to Alice. It became apparent in the first mile that Antarctica had floated to the southern coast of Oz. After dodging a herd of cattle cramping the road edges hands were starting to freeze to the grips (except for Crackers, Crackers has heated hand grips, be like Crackers). Another hundred down and a case of Testicular Icycolitis had set in averting the need for an early pee stop since the one-eyed snake had retreated and frozen to my jocks. Wonder how Crackers is doing with a T-shirt and Summer DriRider jacket on………….?

A quick fuel stop at Ti Tree Roadhouse followed by dedicated belated urinal flow extraction and it was time to motor on. Jigga, who had thought he might ride up to Ti Tree to tale the ride home with us (Fuck knows why, he’s just ridden 6 thousand k’s in 2 weeks), decided to woo a lady with his breakfast culinary skills instead. “Does she know you’ll be eating both plates Jigga?” I wondered. With temperatures rising and some feeling returning to the rest of me I ponder the excellent decision to purchase the Shark Evo3 helmet with a flip jaw protector, clear and tinted screens plus the added UClear Digital blue tooth sound/intercom. Warm face the whole way, too deadly brus……….. Home at Midday thanks to our wonderful 130kph speed limits. Just 6,979k’s added to my collection of memories.

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