Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 14

Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 14

Nothing but Tumbleweed !                         Friday 11th May, 2018

Last night our pre-dinner entertainment was provided by Milo, The Yugoslav who walked in on our drinking session and general conversing with the bar staff. After greetings he proclaimed he could make Crackers rich if he wanted to go to China to conduct business, “you make-a lots-a money fucking” he would say as he continuously backhands Geoff on the chest and arm. He was straight out of Wog Boy and after dinner he came back for another go “Milo Fucking” I said before checking myself, “wadda-ya want Fucking”. Bloody Opal Minor! We figured he wants us to run black market Opals to China. No Deal.

Before breakfast a quick look at Arno’s Wall, in which several old Yamaha and Suzuki trail bikes have been built into the concrete along with washing machines, car parts, kitchen appliances etc. Basically any shit the old geezer found at the dump and there’s still more loose stuff in his yard. The other attraction to this town is the Musical Fence so post breakfast Geoff and I had a session banging on the Musical Fence. Apparently they have full orchestra nights to entertain the locals. Riveting Stuff but it’s done, out of the way, nothing more to do. There is a Truck Museum next door but with the sun rising higher than President Trumps’ ego that’ll keep for some other time.

Off to Kyuna then the Walkabout Pub where Crocodile Dundee was filmed in part. This friends is possibly the most boring piece of road outside of WA. It goes something like this…………

As we motored along the Landsborough Hwy the view was that of a baron wasteland which boasted low dead grass on endless planes. Nothing happened yet we continued on into nothingness. A slight rise in the road which could herald excitement came to nothing while nothing living or breathing passed by. From the emptyness of nothing nothing happened followed by a long spell of nothing when suddenly…….. nothing happened.

This changed north of Kyuna where 3 rolls of tumbleweed revalued our awareness, well mine really, Crackers missed one of the 2 snacks on the road today and several emus. With stations on both sides of the highway I am not surprised to see cattle defying the dinner plate by still breathing just to make Vegans happy in the belief that these creatures can be spared the butchers blade. But T-bones they will become. An Eagle is reluctant to leave the roo mince on the road but takes off right in front of me, the camera came out but shot too soon (would have made an awesome photo).

While partaking a beer or 3 at the Walkabout Hotel chatting with the German Backpacker barmaid and a Pom who escapes England and his wife every year in walks husband and wife fresh off a HD Ultra-classic followed by the local constabulary. *He takes them outside for a Road Safety Lesson and leaves us the hell alone. This pub has a rule about mobile phone use at the bar and thus the Duk is forced to pay a fine which was a donation to the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Gladly Paid!

As said Geoff does not see wildlife (unless it is Pretty and serves behind the Bar) so no surprise when he thinks a King Brown slithering in his lane towards him is a tar patch line and runs it over. No bite, No damage. We are now back in some hill country approaching Cloncurry but decide we are very early to be calling it a day therefore run into Mt Isa once more.

* Colloquial for Hands them a Speeding Ticket.

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