Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 13

Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 13

Walking with Dinosaurs !                            Thursday 10th May, 2018

So to extend a little on last night, Crackers was scoring points with Shay (pronounced Shy) from Israel by asking if she was trained to kill. She was and he interacted about various weapons but as he approached the jackpot and asked if she’d like to go for a ride to Ilfracombe old mate next to us asked if Israel had Nukes. She immediately went cold and our boy had no chance.

This morning was spent at the Qantas Museum, a worthwhile few hours on Aussie History t’be sure. We also discovered that Geoff could not fly the Avro simulator for the want of crashing it. Rather than pay an arm and a leg plus selling mothers and siblings to stand on the 747 wing we settled for standing under the wing for free. Then as the tour group who paid to get a closer look came out we fired up our engines to leave.

The road to Winton had more ribs than a steakhouse in the Sudan. Vibrations from start to finish was working the shockies harder than a vibrator in a porno but they held on for both bikes. With just 12 clicks to Winton is the turn off to The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Exhibition/Diggings. Now this fine piece of brand new black velvet laid very recently is worth the ride even if you don’t dig Dino’s. The short run of twists and turns to the top of the Mesa are a great break to the straights from here to McKinlay. Do yourself a favour and see the whole thing because the secrets they are uncovering are magnificent as are the displays. Just 3 hours of your stay. The only downside was the flies, never had this many buzzing my face, eyes, ears and neck. Where’s a pile of cow shit when you need a distraction.

The North Gregory Hotel at Winton is a top pub stay and meals are top notch. It has Arno’s Fence in the back yard, no spoilers we’ll take a look tomorrow.

The famous North Gregory Hotel.

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