Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 12

Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 12

Longreach – Short Ride !                          Wednesday 9th May, 2018

After an excellent quiet night whereby the Duk ate a Duck and then partook in a few ales at the local Irish bar listening to a sultry jazz singer, a good night’s sleep ensued. Although I have woken up at 5am every morning, today I felt well slept out. This was soon dispelled when, after a shower and attempting to put on my left book I noted bruising on my ankle. Still on we must go, the mind is willing but the body is spongy and bruised.

Today’s target is Longreach and once Crackers found / bought a new pair of ear plugs we were off. The Capricorn Highway is an ok piece of black tar into the Drummond Ranges but in need of repairs. This is the last stretch of road thru the mountains for this entire trip and sure enough a truck hauling concrete culverts is blocking our run. This particular turkey was driving in the middle of the road and making it difficult to show him we were there let alone overtake. Once a short downhill straight presented itself I dropped a gear and cracked the Tuk Tuk into life. Geoff was awake to my move (having travelled some 6,000 k’s behind me on 2 trips he knows when to go). Once past Crackers made his line to cut back into the rightful lane but found a roo carcass in his aim. He knuckled down and rode the roo’s neck like a madman grinding it deeper into the rock and tar.

The road to Jericho now enters the straight and narrow but not before it did a loop twice jumping the railway line for no apparent reason. It was now dead straight from here to Barcaldine where the Tree of Knowledge stands as a monument to the Shearer’s strike of 1891. That and the Labour (Political) Party was founded here. Now full of intelligence I used my knowledge to walk downtown for lunch. Crackers had a milk shake coz only a biker would, and a Workers Burger to wash it down.

The carnage on the road to *Infracombe in 2015 was not there today I pity the fool who washed down the road. Now this is where we were thankful that Marty wasn’t with us as there is a 1 mile line of old trucks and machinery that would have kept him busy for the rest of the day. A shed contained a wall display of some 4 meters long of Rifles of the early settlers’ period and WWII.

With a layer of Slip Slop Slap on the face we made the short trip to Longreach with time to check out the Stockman’s Hall of Fame before Beer o’clock. Now we meet some interesting Barmaids on rides such as this but Geoff met his match as this 22yo solid girl matches him with Gun Knowledge . After all, she was from Israel and was trained in weapons use such as M16, Handguns and Grenade Launchers. Some thick tales were told.

* Refers to the Iron Horse Run of 2015

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