Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 11

Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 11

And then there were Two !                       Tuesday 8th May, 2018

Marty woke at 5am then tried to stay in bed for 3/4 of an hour by reading Facebook and other things on his phone, can’t say it was porn but I was now also awake. He was keen to get movin’ as he had arranged to see his brother in Nambour by midday-ish. Being of good mind he also needed to pay Crackers for his meal from last night so “knock knock” on his door at 6:15 am was as well received as a speeding ticket on Christmas Day. Once Neverready was on the road I decided to get ready. Last night’s rain had soaked thru my saddle bag rendering my supply of clean undies wet. Soggy bum til I dry em’.

After buying some Rocky Dealership chips we motored on to Mount Morgan, a slightly more southerly direction promising to be less mind numbing than a direct line to Emerald. This took us through the Central Highlands and past the threatening rain clouds on the coast. Taking the Burnett Hwy south west to Mt Morgan was a nice hilly passage with a bit of pace to it then running through to Banana (the Town, not the fruit) in Banana Shire. The temperature changed from hot to cold over and over all day like a menopausal housewife and just as dry. I had been wearing a new helmet since Townsville as the old open face had been dropped once to many and went “Crack” on the last occasion. A pity as Dobbie had airbrushed a Red Back Spider on it in a peeled metal looking web. He told me he had painted it to look like a vagina as a joke but I totally dig it. Anywho the new Shark helmet was pushing on my forehead since Townsville giving me a mild headache but this is day 3 of wearing it and it is starting to bed into the shape of my forehead.

The Dawson Hwy thru Banana Shire to Moura then to Rolleston was an unprecedented level of rough such that even the new hot-mix was bad. On many occasions booting me up to a foot out of my seat. This is indeed rodeo country so Crackers and I knuckle down and ride the black rodeo turf. Sunnyside up, Black stuff down! Rolleston Hotel offered a big Steak Hamburger with the lot for lunch to send us off to Emerald. Soon on the road again a Wedged Tail Eagle disturbed off its pile of road kill takes to the wing as I rode past, then turns directly at Crackers missing his head by a hand span. Dodged a bullet did he! A quick loop around the local water reservoir (Lake Maraboon) then finished the day in Emerald. Getting old as I am I completely ballsed up the entry to the BP servo in Emerald and ended up at the Shell only to freakishly spot an ex work colleague from Darwin some 11 years ago. Joe Koller was moving from Darwin to Hervey Bay after his 2nd marriage failed. Had to have a drink with him since he’s in the same motel.

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