Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 10

Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 10

Scattered Flock – Blazing Trails !                Monday 7th May , 2018

So, taking stock, Michelle and Jeannette flew out at sparrows fart o’clock. Russell and Peter are gunning for Cloncurry at 6:30am. Jigga followed them to make Mt Isa but left at 7am. Then Marty, Crackers and I shipped off for Rockhampton at 7:15 leaving Froggie to do his own thing, Kev & Sharon will head for Airlie Beach and Dobbie & Erin will await a price on a Can-am Spider before leaving Townsville. Marty needed to have-a-chat with Dicko an ex Mt Isa Member so our departure was somewhat delayed.

Our initial intention was to make Ayr for Breakfast but being a public holiday there was only Air there in Ayr. On to Bowen where the owners of a little out-in-the -Suburbs cafe decided to be the only one open today. Good Coffee, Happy Geoffrey. A section of road north of Mackay started with a dip that threw Marty out of his seat, then me. 5k’s with more bounce than a whorehouse mattress. With the Mackay dealership closed we pressed on picking up strays along the way. Interesting that having been warned that Police were doing a blitz on bikes yet all the Queenslanders overtook us doing 10 over the mark. One such stray was from Gold Coast Chapter. Gold Coast came up to my inside, cut between Crackers and me into the right lane then hung next to Marty until we were well into the bend before cutting in.

A plume of black smoke approached soon after. Red and Blue lights were flashing so we slowed as we passed the burning 20seater coaster bus. Couldn’t see any injured thankfully. The wet weather gear came out at Serena as the sky’s darkened. This was done in order to keep Crackers dry as he had none. The first light drizzle passed and the plan seemed to work. Until entering the last 100 to Rockhampton when it got heavy and he got hosed down. The last few k’s to town approached, as did another plume but this time it was just steam. It was a 2 car head-on collision. One driver was not getting out of his car, we trust he is ok as cops, ambulance and fire trucks rush to the scene.

By the time we reached Rocky it was 5:30pm and very dim and damp and all kinds of mean, nasty, crazy drivers were out. First motel, No Vacancy, then the next, then the next and the 4 after that. WTF! A nice looking pub over the bridge had 2 rooms left. It is “Beef Week”. Cowboys, Cattlemen and Meat Industry workers of all kinds filled the whole town. Still, the eye candy was terrific, pretty young cowgirls partying on. Where are you Jigga? Froggie?

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