Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 9

Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 9

A Long Line of Metal !                             Sunday 6th May, 2018

One of the most enjoyable parts of any Rally is the Thunder Run and today was no exception. With heightened anticipation Jigga, Marty and I took in breakfast at Leafwood Crepe Cafe once more and Froggie joined in after domestic duties. It wasn’t long before Crackers called announcing he had been locked out of the cabin. The bathroom at our choice of accommodation was external to the Cabin. We immediately conjured up the possible scenarios of Crackers standing outside in nothin’ but a towel. Froggie ordered breakfast then went to let him in. Meanwhile Jigga’s brekkie beverage arrived – a Golden Delight Freak Shake of caramel, mars bar, snickers bar and a banana Diabetics Sugar fix to be sure.

Late yesterday Froggie had introduced himself to 2 gorgeous young German tourists and had organised for them to join us on the Thunder Run, I obliged with my extra helmet thus we entertained a temporary addition to the chapter for the ride. I have never seen a happier face than these 2 sisters. As per us all who have been on Thunder Runs, it is always a pleasure to make others happy to do that which we love to do. It was unfortunate that the lead bike was running too fast as the middle order was cutting 120kph to keep up so the tail end must have sat on 140. Still it was a fantastic event.


After midday Peter, Jeanette, Crackers and I decided to go to the top of Mount Stuart for a look. Jeannette swung her leg over Perfect Pete’s Fat Boy only to falter and get back off, meanwhile Peter thought she was on and powered off leaving her stranded as he turned onto the main driveway of the Secura Resort. I suggested she jump on the back of mine and we caught Perfect Pete just around the corner. 80metres, a new personal record for the shortest pillion dinki every undertaken. Thus we set off up the mountain. Upon the return to the lodgings Froggie wondered if Jeanette had forgiven her old man and when he came into the complex on his own the answer was an obvious no. The truth however was a bit different. Coming down the mountain Pete’s aftermarket suspension kit had snapped a suspension tie rod so with a hard ride home I suggested Jeanette ride on the back with me. She had forgotten all about the earlier incident however did comment at dinner that I gave her a softer ride.

Pete managed to get some new Tie Rod Ends from CBC Bearings and then set off for the rally site to work with the Sun City HD mechanics to get the bike on the road for tomorrows ride home. Dinner done, stomachs full, the chapter individuals made preparations for the trip homeward. Some’s flying at 6am, others riding at 7 but all having had a bloody good time.

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