Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 8

Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 8

Take it Easy !                                     Saturday 5th May, 2018

After mass debating the concept of breakfast what and where Crackers and Marty took a ride to The Strand “I haven’t ridden to Townsville to have coffee or eat at McDonalds” retorted Crackers. So we labelled him a Cafe Racer Yuppie. He redeemed himself by noting the he did not eat mashed avocado with bruschetta.

The sum of the rest of the chapter, Russ & Michelle, Kev & Sharon, Dobbie & Puddles, Froggie, Jigga and me. We feasted on Crepes at the Leafwood Cafe. Peter & Jeanette went on the early Guided Ride up Castle Hill. Jigga managed a King Breakfast Crepe and the Freaky Chocolate Thickshake. It’s got the usual ingredients plus waffle, Tim Tam and topped with a Ferraro Roche. Fully Sick watching him down it. This was the precursor to the Rally and Biker Retail Therapy. There was a good range of vendors including one who tested the waters at our Full Throttle Rally with Neck Warmers then went all out with other bling (rings and things).

An unfortunate incident some days ago whereby I dropped my open face helmet on the ground required rectifying. All bikers know that when said helmet is dropped and it makes a distinct “Crack” sound in with the thud, then you need a new helmet. With Dobbie and Erin also hunting for a new head shell we combined to get 3 at once and push for a hefty discount. This left just a trip to the local HD Dealer and a de-bugging of the bikes (just Crackers and me). The remaining chapter headed up to the Castle Hill Lookout.

The Tri-Chapter Challenge ran from 3pm with toss the rear tyre, poke the toilet roll, roll the rear tyre plus the Slow Race. Alice was the clear winner (mostly in heats). But scoring was somewhat cross eyed, Cagey (Darwin Chapter) officiated but had something in his eye. Glare from the lowering sun perhaps? If Mt Isa are dodgy scorers and Alice are dubious, Darwin are just all out suspect. And that’s the way we like to play. Then plenty of time to catch up with mates, a beer with Barry Sproule who turned 70 today and flew his missus in for a day to celebrate.

Crackers and I still needed to see the Castle Hill lookout so a quick sunset dash up the hill with Marty and the Nicolsons. Did I mention Castle Hill enough times? We all went up it. Great little ride but soooo many foot stompers thinking it is wise to waste valuable heartbeats on walking/jogging up the bloody thing. Queenslanders are Crazy!



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