Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 7

Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 7

Following Directions !                               Friday 4th May, 2018

With just 230 clicks to Townsville there would be plenty of time to take the detour along the coast of Mission Beach. This took us north along a very quaint piece of road, cruisy but on a left handed turn there was a little loose gravel that caught the Dukmobile off line and gave front and back wheel a slip. Controlled it and stayed upright, phew! The T intersection back onto the Bruce Hwy left Froggie stranded behind 8 bikers of unknown breeding (possibly the Sugar Cane chapter from Cairns).

A text message last night from Michelle/Russell (whoever controlled said telephone) asked where we’d be in the morning so Marty picked Cardwell (again on Chappys’ direction) for a 9:30am breakfast. “Ahhww, that’s too far, we’d have to get up early” was the reply. Too bad, top spot, you missed out guys.

On the road once again then for so some fuel at Ingham to make the rest of the distance. No 98 Octane at BP, U turn back into town and saved by Liberty. With Duncle on a mission to get this trip done there was but one distraction to stop his advance. Not Highway Patrol, not the 80km speed indicators. The Rolling Stone Hotel caught his eye and turned him left faster than a $15 T-bone special hooks Jigga. Low and behold the most of Mt Isa were there hogging 3 deep on the bar. Hard to get a beer with only 2 bar staff but we had time.

This left a short stint to Townsville for the anticipated catch-up with the Chapter. Peter Nicolson waltzed into our Cabin with 2 tubes of Carona’s, read our minds top man. It was at this point I began to discuss with Marty that he snored loudly last night because he fell asleep on his back. “You are really bad when you are on your back” I was saying just as Big Kev entered the room. Cracked him up instantly.

The night progressed to The Strand night markets and finished at the Rally Site for a chinwag with various mates from chapters far and wide. Rally Time!

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