Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 4

Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 4

Wildlife and Water !                               Tuesday 1st May, 2018

Apart from Crackers dropping his seeing eye glasses in front of the hotel room as we left and having to make a hasty retreat from the morning fuel stop to fetch them the morning started. Road Captain to the front and Crackers in the middle for the off and my first misjudgement came in the shape of a dead pile of ex-roo well rooted to the bitumen. I slowed as a Kite flew off the carcass but missed the turn off immediately to the left. Mind you a green lorikeet had also made an assault on my helmet just a minute earlier. So starteth the day’s proceedings.

Having downed another 5k’s on the Savannah Way no less than a group of 5 small red wallabies broke from the grass in the right verge and (thankfully) bolted for the scrub on that side. Not quite a plethora but enough to concern. I’m now starting to think the the Shoo Roo’s are working. This plus no less than another 2 kilometres and a 5 foot Skippy bounded from centre stage to the right to clear our run for Croydon. It was turning into a day of the wild with Brolga’s at a billabong at Normanton then massive Pelicans in the wetlands at the turn off, now Roos. A flock of Kites popped out of the long grass to the left verge soon after too. A friendly young Chilean lass cooked up breakfast at Croydon while we had a chat to a local old gal. There after we rode off to find the bowser only to locate it next to the Cafe we were just at. Dumb Arses!!

Heading for Georgetown now and a join ridge in the road gave up a ball slapping to get my mind back on the road ahead, timely too as we were doing 120kph still in search of the elusive Highway Patrol that’s going to teach us how to ride safely. There’s still a number of single lane bitumen strips on this stretch so it was best to entice the joker with the camping trailer to stop nudging at Froggie’s Street Glide and overtake. This required me to slow down to 80 and pull over to the left of the left lane. He got the message! Half an hour to GT a light brown yearling Heifer bolted for the bush on the left of the road then bolted suddenly across the road 50 metres in front of us, went down the ditch as I came past but then to the surprise of Crackers and Froggie, it jumped a fence of 3 barbed wire strands. This mad cow might have some Palomino in her looking for a Rodeo to be at.

The road took a more interesting twist as we approached the Mount Surprise area. Rolling hills and twisting road, niiice. On one such climb to a left hand crest 2x wedge tailed eagles abandon their feast to avoid the noise (particularly Crackers pipes) another close call for me up front. You do not want a Wedgie’s talon in the face at any speed. Found them educator coppers at Mount Surprise cop shop having coffee. Both cars! By the time we hit mid-afternoon a misty drizzle had developed but after stopping for fuel at Mt Garnet decided not to bother with wet weather gear. Fools! By the next 20k’s the fog had lowered and we were getting drenched. Dunno how I made Millaa Millaa with my clear riding glasses offering just 10 metres of visibility on soaked roads in traffic. Awesome effort says I! Three soaked bikers walk into the local cafe “3 hot chocolates please” and here I relented and donned the rain protection. Our gear is now doing it’s best to dry as we overnight in Yungaburra with Neverready and Jigga.

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