Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 1

Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Day 1

Return of the Road Warriors !                          Saturday 28th April 2018.

After a quick detour to the ATM for some necessary cash I met up with Froggie and Crackers at the local Liberty Servo for some idle banter before setting off. (Rolf) rolled up in the Jeep for the send-off and by 8:05 am the road north beckoned. The first stage into the foot hills immediately heralded today’s first imbecile doing 50kph in the 80k zone. He pulled off to the left verge kind enough to let us overtake on double white lines.

As anticipated the first of the 4 nice cornering areas to Aileron was blocked by a couple of slow moving cattle trucks adding a nice woft to the brisk morning air. It was 16 degrees and I felt the need to do up my fly least my Willy withered. The next set of bends also slowed, by a couple-a caravans this time then finally an open set of curves. Breakfast not too far ahead, as road captain I almost missed the turn, oh wait no! It was a truck stop, never mind I weaved in and out with Crackers close up the tailpipe.

The bacon and eggs put the day right and the early chill broke away to perfect riding conditions. Food enough for the wait on lunch at Wauchope was consumed. After losing my camera on a ride earlier this year it was time to whip out the new Nikon thru the Devils Marbles. The subject was Crackers on his first long run without the Sportie Cafe Racer. Nope, no more butt cracks displayed on the Soft tail Slim in Army green with Yankee WWII Star.

A much steadier pace was set to run into Threeways for a number of Ales and Dinner. Byron and Ester from Darwin Chapter waltzed in at about 4pm undecided whether to go on to the Barkly Homestead. A beer to ponder the situation and off they went.

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