Duk-tales: Townsville Thunder – Disclaimer

Duktales:               A Disclaimer.

Duktales is written by Duktape having drawn on the experience of travelling with well-travelled experienced travellers on 2 wheels. Many miles were pounded into the black rubber by tar, bitumen and blood of the dead. Many days were lived with death defying riding skills, keen senselessness and extraordinary good luck. No animals were ridiculed, humiliated or harmed by this rabble of raw Hogs however it can be acknowledged that many cars were given free panel beating by wild animals along the route thus travelled. Some died, animals that is, and possibly a human or two as can be seen in pools of sun-baked fleshy bits on the side of the road.

Any scenes that may have caused the reader distress is not regrettable and fulfils the authors obligation to tell it how it is or was or even wasn’t as no truth gets in the way of a good story. The responsibility for any accidents on the carpet caused by reading this escapade are borne solely by the reader for not being able to stomach this epic surrealism. The author is apparently also not responsible for any element of the tale that strays from the truth as the truth is in the eye of the beholder who was at the time beheld by Wild Turkey and XXXX Gold Lager delusions at precise points in the time line. Although, the Turkey was diluted with coke to stem the flow of bullshit and dribble such as that which is now being expressed in this disclaimer.

This disclaimer and all following claims may be disclaimed at a later time by someone other than the author as the author does not give a flying fanny fart and will not retract any part of the disclaimers claims. This photo book may now be placed in the cupboard amongst other irreverent literature to be read when you are too old to ride on your own.

This is The Duktape – Over and Out until my next big ride!

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