Standley Chasm Ride

Standley Chasm Ride          11th March, 2018
With just a handfull of happy chappies making it out for the absolutely fabulous weather, Neverready, Kerry, Ron, Kingsley, Crackers, Batic and me set off at 9am sharp. Sky – Overcast, Temp at 26degr. all bikes start “First TIme”! Big Al fronted up but had to pick up the missus so missed the rest of the ride.
A decent desert down pour on Thursday followed by light drizzle all day Friday then cool and overcast Saturday makes riding this country brilliant. Steady at 110 was not hard going and it was incident free. Mr Harmer fresh off the South Pacific pulled into the Chasm Carpark just after our arrival in time to give us the lowdown on the Cruise (no – not the one with the riotus batchelor party).
Over a hot coffee and scones etc we sat and watched a couple of Crows fly in to the buffet area to steal the coffee and Sugar satchets.
The day was too good to waste so I figured I’d head to the Ellery Big Hole lookout so as to hunt for my camera which I’d manage to loose out of my pocket on the Tylers Pass loop 4 weeks ago. I saw a bit of odd blue in the mirror on the ride but didn’t realize it was my camera til later. The search was futile as the long grass would have swollowed it whole but the ride was terrific.

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