Ride Report – Glen Helen 26th Nov 2017

Tales from the Dukside
Glen Helen 26th November 2017
And thus the last ride before Christmas is taken by 8 happless riders with 3 of our lovely lassess on board. Now I was sure we had it down as a 9am depart but with Mouthguard throwing in some confusion with messaging Standley Chasm it is no surprise information was a bit murky.
I pulled up at the bowser to tank up at 8:37am with a nice group already ammassed, they had already started putting helments on heads. No mind, I’ll catch up………. 2nd set of traffic lights, there they were and the luck of the lights were with me to put me behind Young Will (who was obviously not coming all the way as displayed by the double plugger Sunday best Thongs on his feet. Another bloke pulled up with him at Flynns Grave and I prepared to climb up the rank & file. Having taken on the Editors cap Duktales is now official (I WILL NOT BE SILENCED …..Hehehe). So the camera cord loop slipped easily over my fingerless gloves and we were ready for action. “Click” Big Kev was first as I pulled up alongside, Sharon smiled (I think) under her helmet and the Street Glide looked sweet as.
Overtaking them one at a time we had Rolf, Peter & Jeanette, Crackers, A-a-Ron with Ann and Marty. But by the time we got up the Ellery Look-out the stranger who pulled up earlier had caught up. It was Hagar, see I was right. A stranger it was as Hagar hasn’t been allowed out while Helga’s Kitchen overhaul was in progress. On to Glen Helen under a blanket of grey cloud the land gave up a fantastic contrast. There was still plenty heat on the road but the relief from the hot sun was welcome. Once at Glen Helen the inferred correct departure time for this ride played it’s hand – The Kitchen does not start Cooking for Lunch until 11o’clock and since we arrived at 10:30 a beer and packet of chips would have to surfice. GH has is looking good with it’s permanent Tents for camping and now building an amenities block to attract grey nomads and thier caravans. With pretty much the only river to hold water all year the escarpment dropping into the water is only masked by the reeds. Ducks abound, top spot for lunch.
As we all preped for the ride home I duely noted Rolf taking a short detour around the vacant land between the heli-pad and the tents. Obviously looking for a spot to park his new Glampervan to break up the monotany of Ross River. So check it out as the photos show, we got dumped on as we left Glen Helen but the temperature dropped enough for it to feel great. Marty tried to pull up for a break at Hugh River but A-a-Ron was having none of it. Kev too broke off after him so I hammered down as well. Soon all and sundry were hoiyking it down the road at a decent pace in order to dry off (no more rain here but it looked like Alice was copping it hard.
Next ride – Toy Run.
Regards Duktape.

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