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Duk-tales: Harley Days – Woollongong 2016

Duk-Tales – Harley Days Woollongong 2016 (Duktales is brought to you by Duktape)   Alice boys, Off-Road Ray, Jerry Noble, Crackers, Big Joe Cooper join Duktape on the inaugural Harley Days weekend created by Harley Davidson to showcase all that is being in the Harley family. Each day exposed for all to read and envy […]

Duktales: Harley Days 2016 – Day 12

Duktales: Harley Days – Day 12 Up the Guts                                       2nd November, 2016 It was wholly my intention to get back to Duktales after dinner but the trap of cooler weather is that you tend to forget about drinking water throughout the day. One XXXX Gold Lager with dinner and my head was spinning out of […]

Duktales: Harley Days 2016 – Day 11

Duktales: Harley Days – Day 11 Riding that Road into Submission 1st November, 2016 Up with the Cock it’s 6 o’clock and we’re off. More road carnage and a car some 20metres off in the swamp (a car is not a Mississippi Airboat, it does not so-much aquaplane as sink). I notice there are no […]