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Duktales: Harley Days 2016 – Day 10

Duktales: Harley Days – Day 10 Mountain Miles                                31st October, 2016 “Siri” said a nice 27 degree day for Wollongong so believing the Apple App I forwent thermals (Dumb-arse) for the ride up to Robertson and the start of the Kangaroo Valley leg of our quest to hit the Snowy Mountains for some excellent riding. […]

Duktales: Harley Days 2016 – Day 9

Duktales: Harley Days – Day 9 Broken Thunder                                29th October, 2016 A new day dawns after hearing some bad news from home. Froggie (Chapter member and mate) came off his Street Glide about 80K’s north of Alice Springs. Thankfully teeth through the lip and grazing to nose and other parts will mend and girls love […]

Duktales: Harley Days 2016 – Day 8

Duktales: Harley Days – Day 8 Outyablowhole                                 28th October, 2016 As we have generally not gone on a guided ride at previous National Rally’s, the Brothers Blom with Dobbie and Crackers hatched the idea to join the Ladies of Harley ride to Kiama Blow Hole. But first it’s food o’clock and with local cafe closed […]

Duktales: Harley Days 2016 – Day 6

Duktales: Harley Days – Day 6 Convergence                                     27th October, 2016 So taking stock the Alice Chapter is spread all over the NSW Countryside. Garry and Grace are in Wollongong, Sparks at Albury, Jake and Jenny elsewhere to the North and Crackers and Joe are coming up around Batemans bay leaving Moses, Samantha, Dobbie, Off-Road, […]

Duktales: Harley Days 2016 – Day 7

Duktales: Harley Days – Day 7 The Gathering of Man and Metal   27th October, 2016 So, while typing last night’s report the boys kept drinking and talking and drinking. At one point the Motel manager came out with a caution “it’s 10 past 11 either quieten down or go to your rooms. Shortly after Joe […]

Duktales: Harley Days 2016 – Day 5

Duktales: Harley Days – Day 5  The Day of the Jackass                     26th October, 2016 Not a brilliant night’s sleep! My Tinnitus has changed from a high pitch whining to the one note hymn of my exhaust at cruising speed. Sign of the HOG getting into your psyche! Up at 6 for a 7am ride, found […]

Duktales: Harley Days 2016 – Day 4

Duktales: Harley Days – Day 4 Wild Hogs                                                         25th October, 2016 Up at 6 hit the road by 7. Easy enough but no. Rays bike did not conform to the regular starting system – Bat Flattery? MacGyver to the rescue, Jerry pulls out a jump starter. I swear he has gadgets you can’t imagine in […]

Duktales: Harley Days 2016 – Day 3

Duktales: Harley Days – Day 3 Easy Rider – Easy Day                       24th October, 2016 Up at sparrows fart it was not. The morning after the night before was a bit seedy and in dire need of a big breakfast. The Motelier requested a photo shoot to help promote a Morgan stay so we obliged with […]

Duktales: Harley Days 2016 – Day 2

Duktales: Harley Days – Day 2 All good Plans of mice and men                    23rd October, 2016 Jerry arose with the exclamation that Joe was worried about his bike and wanted to turn back. Jerry suffering from gammon-hypothermia volunteered to go with him. The rear wheel apparently had a noise whenever he backed off to a […]

Duk-Tales: Harley Days 2016 – Day 1

Duk-Tales – Harley Days                   Day 1:  Summer Chill                       October 22nd, 2016 At 5 to 7 when all plus Russ and Mouthguard assembled – no Jerry. When I called him he didn’t answer but called back a minute later “I’m Just locking the garage then I’ll fill up at Heavitree and catch up at Stuarts […]