Duk-tales: Iron Horse Run 2015 – Day 12

Duk-tales: Iron Horse Run 2015 – Day 12 – March 4, 2015

Chinchilla Chooglin’.

Started the day fresh & early, local servo for Sparks to pick up cancer sticks and cruise. From here on trucks are Territory size again & it’s great to know you have enough power betwixt thy thighs to take on a triple beef burger wagon. The initial intention to breakfast at Miles was abandoned in order to make kilometres. Mmm didn’t fuel at Chinchilla but Roma is do-able at 110 k’s per hour. Sparks winds up to 130. Hmmm, I didn’t figure on that. Some way down the road a pair of cowboys on quads watch over a herd of 200 horny grazers roadside between 2 fences. One tries to cross the road. Sllllowwlyy! I’m looking at Sparks’ speed, no he’s not slowing down. “Sparks, wake up mate”, I thought he must be horny coz he’s looking to mount that bovine bitch right in front of me. He wakes and swerves just in time to miss out on a life altering experience. Good, he might still get a sniff of tail but at least he’ll live to tell the tale. Breakfast at Yuleba Roadhouse, a small joint with a Eureka Roadhouse sign (with the Eureka Flag emblem). My advice – looks are deceiving. Great big brekkie to get you started. I asked ‘ol mate about his close proximity to the cow, suggested he must’ve seen the herd first. “What herd” he says. “What 200 head and you only saw the one on the road?” I replied. Well I suppose if you see only 1 in 200, make sure it’s the one aiming to take you out.

Fuelled up & top up Sparks with 2x No-doz’s to keep him alive. Nearing Roma 3x grass-cutter tractors kick up this year’s Hay-fever harvest (clearing the verges). I felt a shot up my right nostril and immediately attempt recovery. No face mask on this early. Digging for gold I hit the jackpot, feels big and round. Wish I hadn’t cut my finger nails. A bloody bug, honestly, a small beetle right up the snoz. Flick it to the wind, ride on. Just pulled out of Roma some 30 k’s & “POPPIN PANNIERS BATMAN” up comes the lid on Sparks’ bagger, right hand side. The one with the smokes in it. “Smokes On The High-way” (new song). I raced up along side him & indicated the news. U-turn, play 25 smoke pick up, grab his reading glasses, his 110th anniversary HOG Cap and locate the Jack Daniels stubby-cooler all before that triple trailer rig comes to the party.

We turn right at Morven, a Copper pulls out of a cattle station about 500 metres ahead just our luck no more 130kph. Hoped he would pull up at Augathella, nuh, so we did. Gave him a long head start. With the sun now high in the sky I’m feeling real doughy and need an energy boost to reboot the day. Didn’t stop at Blackall for fuck-all but a swig of 95 octane & H2O. Blasted for Barcaldine at 30 over (tut, tut) had to get there before the dough gets crusty or passing out from the heat. Another 738k’s laid down that’s 4,743k since leaving Alice. Overnight at the Barcaldine Country Motor Inn for a good night’s sleep. This town hosts the Tree of Knowledge, we rode past it on our search of lodgings. It is said the tree was 200 years old and some sheep farmers sat under it discussing politics and called themselves the Australian Labour Party.

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