Duk-tales: Iron Horse Run 2015 – Day 8

Duk-tales: Iron Horse Run 2015 – Day 8 – February 28, 2015

The 24th National HOG Rally!

First order of the day was to find that biker tourists delight, the Powerhouse Museum of all things motorcycle. Some fine specimens are on display and some great merchandise to help alleviate sore backs by lessening the weight in your pocket. Thereafter it was great to wind uphill to check out the Oxley Scenic Lookout which gives a terrific scope on the lay of the land around this fabulous City and chat with like-minded enthusiasts. A call from Kym Williams (Project Manager HOG Events for Harley Davidson Australia) cut viewing short, we needed a debrief on proceedings for the Spectacular Show on for tonight.

For the rest I should say what happens on tour stays on tour but these days it’s all over Facebook anyway so I might as well review some of the finer points.

A special Rodeo was held with a line-up of Australia’s top professional Bull & Horse riders from the region and it was a great chance to show Mouthguard back home what he would look like in chaps by sending him a photo of their Brokeback Mountain back-sides. He did appreciate my gesture and friends as we are responded by questioning “Is that you 2nd from the left Duktape?” which made me wonder if old mate has been checking out my rear! Might need to ride a ways behind him on local rides in future………

By midday I took stock of myself & surmised I was a bit over the limit and any chance of doing a guided ride in this region was no longer a possibility. The thought occurred that I would certainly need to slow down if I was to partake in tonight’s parade. Dobby (Alice Springs Director) designated that Sparks should ride in the parade and I would need to go “Bitch” as we did not have any of our fine luscious ladies from the centre with us. Sparks had other ideas “I don’t do blokes on the back” and besides having commenced his religious blessings as Knight of XXXX Castlemaine and being anointed as XXXX Gold Field Tester, Sparks would be full as a whore house in a miners camp, “Hey Duktape, by the way. You’re riding the flag in the parade by yourself !” A statement, not a suggestion. So be it. The rest of the afternoon continued as the day before, checking out the Vendors that decked the great halls of the Equine Centre with excellent ware and new initiative. By the time night fell the wallet had again worked overtime while maintaining shouts at the bar provided.

That night the main pavilion was full of the Chapters Faithful. The flag bearers made their way on both sides of the stadium half the chapters at one end the rest at the other. Cattle in pens under the grandstands ready for tonight’s gala were spooked out of their minds. A feisty male got horny at the sound rumbling in the tunnel yet thankfully the herd did not break the fences. It was a good idea to turn the bikes off, lest we start a stampede. It was a highlight of my 5yrs membership in this fantastic worldwide club as I rode out into the stadium with the Alice Springs Chapter flag on the back, waving the crowds cheers up with my black Akubra. When only 2 of us could come out for the occasion I needed to rally all the support I could get. The rest of the night was a spectacular show of horse riding skills in a comical story line. Watch the film clip, it’s worth it.

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