Duk-tales: Iron Horse Run 2015 – Day 7

Duk-tales: Iron Horse Run 2015 – Day 7 – February 27, 2015

The Tamworth Muster!

With Rally Day 1 on mind it was time for a nice hot shower to remove the travel out of my pores but instead most campers got a cold shower at the campsite facility as rain had fried the electric hot water system. Is fresh, Is good! I’m awake now, thanks! Anticipation is a good thing and I had surmised that I would be needing a front tyre by the time we reached Tamworth so being an organised person I booked ahead with Western Ranges Motorcycles to remove less than effective gripping power for a new tread that would see me safely home (in 7 days’ time). After a hearty bacon & eggs brekkie I took the bike in for scheduled front tyre replacement and perused the shop for merchandise, a dangerous pastime for any wallet in a Harley Davidson shop. I like to get at least 1x Dealer/City shirt and walked out with a number of other essential “Yes Darling, I need ALL those bandanas/gloves/shirts etc.” The specialist HD mechanic found the front wheel bearing was shot so replaced that too. Now the Heritage is good to make the home run but not before a whole lotta fun & the Thunder Run on Sunday. Hats off to the workshop at WRM, the volume of Harleys needing attention from mostly minor work was enough to keep a shop open for a week and they only had 2 days to get it all done.

Back to the venue to soak up the atmosphere, rally games were on from midday and they are always good for a laugh, I’d had a few by then so couldn’t partake in anything involving riding, or concentrating for that matter and some of the bigger chapters are in it for gold so not sure that a representation of only 2 members would make Alice stand out in the crowd. The later afternoon was devoted to listening to the various bands, checking out the wares in the Merchandise Sheds, looking over the Harley Truck with its array of new bikes, accessories and HD clothing. But the best part was catching up with mates from various chapters with whom I have become acquainted. Some have come for NT State Rally’s in the past, others were met on travels to State and National Rally’s of old. It was Friday night and it just would not be right to not rock the night & The Screaming Eagles (Harley Davidsons resident Rock Band) were on after dark playing a great selection of the greatest songs ever written. Crawling into bed that night was a mission and with memory extremely fuzzy there is no further narrative.

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