Duk-tales: Iron Horse Run 2015 – Day 6

Duk-tales: Iron Horse Run 2015 – Day 6 – February 26, 2015

Last Yard to the Longyard!

Woke up to a burning ring of fire. Good chilli in that Chinese Restaurant resulted in backing out a Stretch Limo and a short delay in proceedings on this fine damp morning. Sparks had awoken earlier this morning from my excellent tone of snoring, 3am. It took a lot of convincing for our half cut Road Captain to attune himself to the real time and go back to sleep. By dawn the bikes were lightly coated in moisture requiring a once over with a chamois. Our neighbour overnight was Big Merv from Melbourne and his missus who was still in bed. Towing a wine barrel trailer that has seen him through many a camp at rally’s interstate. Well-built and a site to behold for sure. Only a short 73k run from Gunnedah to Tamworth but the sky looked ominous. Wait an hour. No good rushing things when there’s not much point in arriving too early to enter the Rally Camp Ground.

30k up the road, breakfast at Carroll in a small service station where the waiter looked like he was ready to join the Islamic State struggle. The lads ordered Bacon & Eggs Big Breakfast followed by some idle banter that somehow led to the waiter taking my order as Poached Eggs & Bacon. He soon came out to ask “how do I cook it, this poached eggs?” and Bill & I gave him a quick rundown thinking it was for another customer. When all is said and done this first time cook may well enter MKR for the poach was beyond reproach, A1. The garage now full again Bill backed out the Buick before we hit the road.

Onward & the sweet smell of freshly cut grass only slightly masked the perfume of cows arse. The road wideness club was onto major works, slowing progress somewhat through John Laws country. A very scenic ride on nice roads winding along with the distant ranges encased in rain. Managed to stay out of it till 2k’s from the venue at the Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre. Alice Springs Chapter (all 2 of us) were the first to check in for the HOG 24th Australian National Rally. Accommodation was booked for Baz, Sparks and myself at Tent City set up alongside the camp ground and once registered and tagged we were allowed in to set up lodgings for the long weekend ahead. Bill took to banging in the pegs to hold his DYI erection project and soon had his home away from humpy set up. With still enough daylight it was time to check out the famous Longyard Hotel on The Ringers Road, just a short walk downhill from the venue. Another good call! Frank & Charmaine were already there as we waited for Baz who had to ride off immediately on arrival to pick up his Back Seat Companion for the rest of the trip. Aileen is new to the world of HOG and what a way to get amongst it, welcome on board Ales.

The festivities continued into the night and Jack (you know Jack, Jack Daniels) put the party on notice with a brand new Leather Jacket on offer riding on a ticket for every drink ordered. I wantses it, my precious. At 6 drinks per round we had 2 more days to lay on the chances of winning it. This party of Highway Harriers got so involved on night one we missed the fact that it had been raining since 9pm and a muddy wet walk awaited the trip up the hill to camp. Low and behold Sparks left his tent window open and half his swag was drenched (being folded open ready for bed) *Sparks has been known to make it to bed on a few occasions and usually crawling head first into the canvass cradle and sleeping the remaining 2 hours of darkness. Not this night though. Getting home at half past witching hour he stooges Bills HOG 3 Bourbon to continue conversation with Bazza & Ales. Shut the feck up I thought at 2:30am having not been able to get to sleep, then silence aaah! Sparks had fallen asleep in the camping chair provided with glass in one hand and cancer stick in the other. So endeth the perfect day!

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