Duk-tales: Iron Horse Run 2015 – Day 5

Duk-tales: Iron Horse Run 2015 – Day 5 – February 25, 2015

Outta Bogan Shire.

Reckon it must be Wednesday. Been on the road long enough to lose the calendar. Great, I’m in holiday mode now for sure. A nice little café across the road served up a big brekkie for me ‘n Sparks then Bill & Baz fronted up for theirs. So much for the sleep in. Didn’t write down the name but they had an Aussie Flag in the window to attract my patriotic Dutch arse to the re-directed Australian citizenship in me. Prior to leaving the land of Bogans, the “Iroquois A2-1022 Helicopter” display is worth a visit. This aircraft served in Vietnam and played a major part in the evacuation of Nyngan in the 1990 floods.

A nice ride to Nevertire started the day into farm country. The dead fox announced this observation. A left turn pointed us to Warren, a very picturesque town of 2,200 people with a golf course and green as far as the eye could see. The road so far proved fairly straight however the scenery made it a nice country ride. From here the Oxley Highway gave up a good mixture of twists & turns to Gilgandra. A lovely young lassie tipped us to an extended police presence for the HOG rally. Not required as we were sticking to the speed limits. We diverted to the Newell Highway and made for Coonabarabran. Excellent high country road, twisting, rising, turning, dropping it had everything we 2 wheeled warriors love. No sooner did we pull up into this town and pulled off our helmets so did two cop cars. We grabbed a non-alcoholic beverage & Sparks walked to the public toilet, one officer followed him while we looked for a local pub. No drama, the officer just needed a slash. “Friendly as” Sparks said when he caught up with us, ”yeah sure” was Bills comment “Right after you did him a favour no doubt”. One round of XXXX Gold and saddle up again.
A light spit of rain as we continued east led to a wet ride thru the mountains in the Pilliga Nature Reserve for 15k’s. Fogged sunnies, wet jeans, wet shirt, (I don’t wear long sleeve leather on a hot day and the sky didn’t look like it required Rain Gear – WRONG!). Oh yeah, and wet socks once the Jeans get soaked the water penetrates down to the toes. Now it’s getting cold. Roads now somewhat more slippery, gotta concentrate. Sparks slows, he can’t see with sunnies fogged up. Slow to 80kph. The road still twisting and then out through the other side and descending, clear as a Cellar Masters wine glass. 15 minutes later dry again, nice skills test. PASS! Getting lower in the valley, road works on the road to Gunnedah feel like the corrugations on a dirt road. Seriously, you cannot top dress a corrugated bitumen road and expect it to come out smooth. Someone has to try though, that’s government. Shaken, not stirred we pull up at 3pm for an overnight stay at the Billabong Motel at 333 Conadilly St. There’s an Ultra with a covered trailer in the carpark holding a room next to ours so we know we are in good company. A number of rounds at the Courthouse Hotel followed by a top feed at the Gunnedah Chinese restaurant followed by a good night’s sleep and just 100k to Tamworth.

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