Duk-tales: Iron Horse Run 2015 – Day 4

Duk-tales: Iron Horse Run 2015 – Day 4 – February 24, 2015

Fists in the Wind!

Up far-king early today. Sun has barely cracked the night but there you go, I’m up. Bill carries with him “Robert Timms – Mocha Kenya Style” coffee bags and I say “Good Call” gets the day going real good. To get the day cracking Bill nominates that he has to “Back Out the Buick” before we go. First time I heard the 2nd sitting of parliament on the white Porcelain Throne called that before.


Re strap the swag, pack the clean washed clothes into the saddle bags and motor on down the road. Bill Harry & Bazza got separated from Sparks & I as we made a bee line out of town (the joy of not using GPS or other gadgets to navigate) so we continued east, we figured to wait at Bumfuknowhere, either they were ahead or behind us. Over the Talyawalka Flood Plains, the verges of the Barrier Highway are well dressed with flesh covered femur, dead Roo, Goat. Oh shit Goat! “That one was still running. Emu! that’s new, brings to mind a song “He can’t fly but I’m telling you, I can ride the legs off that E-me-u”. S’ ok, the fence will hold em.

Could not fathom why my swag was pulling north westerly while the 20knot wind was blowing south easterly like a schoolboy playing with his nut bag. Obscures the mirror, will need to re-strap it next stop. On the bikes purred past some flattened feral cats “2up for nature”. Wilcannia Liberty Service Station only pumped 91 octane fuel which is not a particularly healthy drop for a fine V-twin motor, it’s like drinking Cutty Sark Scots Whisky vs Chivas Regal 25year old. Bill and Baz pulled in while I was downing my first real man’s breakfast of the trip, a Chiko Roll washed down with 2x Dim Sims and a Coke. Enough to tempt any weary rider so we allowed time for the Northerners to get a bite. Next up was nothing short of a Rodeo on wheels, the road bucked and kicked with random abandon (must be by design to keep concentration at a peak for these long straight stretches. YEEE-haw! And the reward for putting up with this was the few great corners placed strategically at 5km intervals (give or take). At least half a dozen V8 Supercar Transporters past on their way to the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide, always a pleasant sight.


65 k’s from Cobar turned interesting, coming up behind a B-double (Truck & Trailers) Road Captain Sparks moves wide to check the safety of an overtake manoeuvre and makes the move forward with myself just behind and Bill & Baz still holding formation. We spot a herd of wild billy goats racing across the highway about 200 metres in front of the Rig. Sparks slows, as do we all and sure enough 2x stragglers bolt now leaving us level with the rear wheels of the last trailer and only 400 metres to the right hander fast approaching. Car behind, no idea if there’s more goats in front – GO. Now the pick up on my 96 cube motor was brilliant for a stock motor with heavy breather air filter and staggered shot pipes. Round in no time we all made it before the bend. Just had to lift my cheeks off the seat to dry the wet spot. Note to NSW Government “Put a few more bends in your roads”. Struth it makes you drowsy in this heat (39.7ºC s of bloody hot). Only mind stimulation was the bucking rodeo this road puts on.

Thought to make Dubbo today but 600 & whatever k’s in the heat did us in by 3pm. Across the Bogan River in Bogan Shire (I kid you not) two young backpacker girls in skimpy bikini’s washing the windscreen of their Toyota Lite-Ace camper at the BP Servo was taken as an omen that Nyngan was the place to stay tonight. The Nyngan pub (Overlander Hotel) has very cold beer & good accommodation so that’s enough for this run. Beer o’clock called and the Gold was indeed cold plus steak & chips for dinner was a good rounder. Low and behold here commenced the first of several meetings with fellow Hoggies Frank & Charmaine from Perth who prefer the solitude of their own company on the road but great for a chinwag at the end of a day. Frank has all the hallmarks of a Viking from looks to heritage but rides an Ultra Glide while Charmaine is a Kiwi with a very positive outlook on life. Both good for a laugh over an ale.

Mocha Kenya Style – great kick starter.

Tuk Tuk needed some work on the loose Highway Pegs.

Chiko Roll & V Energy – breakfast of champions.

Cruisin’ for a nose burn.

Keep on Truckin’

Wired on Energy Drinks

Wide Loads require extra concentration.

….. lest you run outta highway in the middle of a manouvre.

New HOG Mates, Frank & Charmaine from WA, We’ll drink to that.

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