Duk-tales: Iron Horse Run 2015 – Day 3

Duk-tales: Iron Horse Run 2015 – Day 3 – February 23, 2015

The Goats Gamble!

Sparks held up his standard in true form, falling asleep in an outdoor chair after a night out on the town in Port Augusta. Our hosts were excellent, Tracey even reminded Sparks to take his mobile phone 3x (knowing he had left a phone behind on a previous trip). Fuelled up for an early departure (10 am.) “what? We’re on holidays”. Wind speed of 30 knots across the gulf made for interesting eating and/or drinking at BP however, great tail wind to push through Horrock’s pass. We took the recommendation of turning up a dirt road to Hancock’s lookout. Named by a lady whose hand firmly grasped her lovers joy stick while twisting up the mountain in sheer terror in Hancock’s 4 wheeled jalopy (or you can believe what they put on the info board which is a story of romance, love and family building in old Oz). All the same this was where Grant & Tracey got married and the view on a clear day is stunning, not today. Today was somewhat hazy in the distance yet the rolling hills were a sight regardless.

Coming out of Wilmington, turning east the sight of rolling hills stimulates thoughts of great twists in the road. Not quite Horrock’s Pass but nice loafing bitumen none the less and enough action to hold concentration. On to Orroroo where Sparks suddenly woke up to the realization that he had indeed forgotten his mobile phone (remember, the same mobile phone Tracey had reminded him 3 times to take) was still on charge . We decided to check out the Peterborough Motorcycle Museum while Sparks back tracked 95k’s to get his phone. (In reality he wanted to do Horrock’s Pass twice more). The word we had was that the local bakery at Peterborough made the best ever home-made pasties and I still haven’t had anything like it (out of stock) so settled for a Pie, great nonetheless. The Motorcycle & Antiques Museum in Kitchener St hosts a wide range of obscure old motorcycles like Italian made Nigreni & Casal from Portugal and really is a must see for any motorcycle enthusiast. 2hrs 25minutes later Sparks turns up & with a couple of ales head start we motored on toward Broken Hill.

What a nice omen coming out the east end of town, a skeleton of a sheep no one wanted to clean up. On the down side, after Peterborough & the NSW border the Barrier Highway levelled out making the head a bit doughy. At Yunta Roadhouse we all required a couple of No-doz’s, a 600ml bottle of water & an energy drink chaser to counter the few “good as golds” at Peterborough. This stretch is like the Stuart Highway around Coober Pedy, just a bit more bushy and a few extra curves. Thoughts of Mad Max entered the mind then like the horizon, gone again. The number of wild Goats 30k out of Broken Hill was staggering and there weren’t enough arms and legs to point out the hazards as we came past so knuckles set, fingers gripped, rear cheeks clenched – ride through. Only one attempted to take out our entourage. We carried on to the Silver City on some nice winders for this last part of the days ride. Unfortunately it was a little slower while watching for goats. Err on the side of safety! That evening’s ambers brought about conversation regarding the lack of Billy Goat carcasses leading to the conclusion that they are great at dodging traffic. The Charles Rasp Motor Inn & Cottages was very welcoming for Bikers and I can recommend the sleeping quarters for a good night’s sleep.

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