Duk-tales: Iron Horse Run 2015 – Day 2

Duk-tales: Iron Horse Run – Day 2 – February 22, 2015
Thin End of the Wedge-tail.

The stay at the Opal Inn, Coober Pedy was slightly marred by the poor disbursement of motel room keys. The Darwin boys got the room with the working A/c. As a good night’s sleep is paramount after many ales, I was feeling like crap the next morning. After loading the bikes Bazza pointed out he had developed a leak to his primary case on the way down from the Top End but not too bad so as to hold us up. I said “once it drops enough you can stuff some barrs leaks in it to stop the flow”.

On to Glendambo! 100 clicks down the road a Wedge-tail Eagle whose brother played a part in Jurassic Park as a Raptor stayed firm on a dead roo. Not disturbed by 2 Harleys but Bills Softail Standard was enough to inspire lift off. A full grown wedgie has a wingspan of up to 2.27 m (7 ft 5 in) and a length up to 1.06 m (3 ft 6 in) and stands as tall as the headlights of my 2010 Heritage Softail Classic. A 6 kilo bird is not a welcome motif on the handlebars. I’m sure Baz’s arse cheeks clenched as he contemplated which direction it would turn. This is part of the magic of riding, along with the wind on your fists and the sweet smell of fresh air tainted on occasion by the waft of hot dead carcass. Glendambo Roadhouse lavatory was another smell again, much less pleasant.
Baz took a moment to check his primary oil again, still a bit overfull so a pit of room needed before adding any kind of sealer.

Pimba was hot as a Jalapeño dipped in Wasabi, but the dip down the jump up approaching Lake Hart salt pans gave it a 5 degree boost. Now at Pimba, Spuds Roadhouse is a must stop for lunch. In the main because it was started by the father of Spud who runs our regular ride destination at Stuarts Well. That and the lovely little backpacker girls that pull up in their little minivans wearing little more than denim undies and a Tee Shirt that would fit a barbie doll.
Made good time to Port Augusta landing at 2:30 time for a beer. Stayed with Spark’s mate Grant and his lovely new wife Tracey who recommended going up a lookout in the middle of Horrocks Pass where they got hitched. Spectacular views on a clear day, will let you know.

The Unusual Suspects
Sparks, Bill, Bazza, Duktape

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